Wednesday, June 07, 2006

from the sewing archive

So here's a bathing suit I made:

OK, so technically you are just seeing the top, but the bottom exists, it's just needed a little finishing I have yet to get to... (translation: Finishing = waistband and hemming; "...yet to get to" = has been sitting around in a box for the last two years)

This was my first attempt at such a thing, and I basically cut out a shape that looked something like this:

Do you see how it works?
The top of the loop goes behind your neck, the triangles cover the "ladies", with the outer points being tied together at your sternum.

If you take your chest measurement and add say 6", this number becomes the length of the bottom of this triangle, giving you enough excess to tie a pretty secure knot. I played around with the length of the back strap in order to get it to fit more snugly, and added an extra strip of fabric to the outsides of the bust triangles for modesty's sake (I am somebody's mom after all)

This same basic approach to a backless top has reappeared as a few different dresses I've made, with varying success.
All of which have "finishing" I have "...yet to get to" to some degree or another, and may or may not appear here someday.


Anonymous diana said...

Super cute + so stylish!

9:18 AM  

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