Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Oh. Hello. You still here? Looming, with baited breath for a new appearance?

Things have been busy around these parts.

I found out several months ago that my current company would be closing the end of August. I have found a new, super totally fantastic position with one of our clients that I am ridiculously excited about, though won't start there until the end of September.

But in the meantime... end of August? Hello? How do you spell 10 days away? It turns out there is a lot of work to do to close a business after 10+ years. Holy hell.

So on the rare days when work hasn't been beating me down, I've been busy playing music, knitting and trying to enjoy the few days of summer left. And pining for a good set of power tools with which to demolish my kitchen and bathroom, but well, one step of crazy at a time, huh?


Tuesday, July 17, 2007


My husband and I spent the past weekend in Toronto, childless (thanks again to my wonderful in laws...). My band played up there for a fan-sponsored event for the machinima series we do music for.

The people there we so great and fun to meet. A lot of kids came a very long way to be at the event, and to hear us play. England. Australia. Iraq. I'm still trying to find words to describe how great it was to meet every one of them. We brought a few CDs, rough mixes and live recordings and such, as a preview of the album we're working on. We sold every one of them, and some of people even paid more than the 15$ we were asking.

I signed T-Shirts, CDs, an iPod, someone's arm and had my picture taken with about 50 different people. It was such an intense outpouring of support for our band and I've never experienced anything like it.

Here are some pictures.

In other news, my son is potty trained (thanks to all that is holy) and turned 3 two weeks ago. There was cake, there are pictures, and they will be coming here soon.

And apparently I don't knit anymore. Or at least for right now. Though there is a sale at Circles, so this won't last long.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Black Sheep

And now for a brief musical interlude*:

My boy will be three on Tuesday.

He has discovered the joy in relentless repitition of cute little songlets until they make you lose your mind.

...just like his momma.

* please excuse the poor lighting and camera technique

Monday, June 25, 2007

Friday July 6th

Trocadero will be playing at the Lizard Lounge in Cambridge MA on Friday the 6th.

We'll be playing with:

Bitters - beautiful and atmospheric and there first ever live performance. 9:00.

Angeline - Awesome. Just really an awesome group of musicians. 10:00

We'll go on last at 11:00. Please come early to make sure you don't miss any of these great bands. Plus my lovely and talented sister in law Cheryl plays with both Bitters and Angeline. I hear there may be costume changes.

If you go to the club's web site, you should be able to pre-order tickets for 8$ each. Otherwise the charge will be 10$ at the door.


Saturday, June 16, 2007

6 years

Happy anniversary to my sweet old man.

I love you.

And thank you for my beautiful presents and the dinner which will just help to make me very much fatter for the next year we spend together.

You've been warned.



Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Love and rapid healing

To the dear, sweet, beautiful and oh so strong Georgia and family.

We love you guys.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Away from the camera.

...but there will be great things posted here soon-ish.

1. Some knitting stuff, because I knit. All the time. Though you wouldn't know it from all this husband and music banter.

2. My boy. Because he is getting big. And more awesome. My mother-in-law just gave him a hair cut (she called me first for permission, because she is thoughtful about things like that), and it is the cutest thing ever. It may even cause a few less "she's" when strangers refer to him.

3. My garden. And by "garden" I mean a wooden half barrel on my deck where I am refusing to let tomatoes and basil die, try as they might. Three years of motherhood HAS to have fostered that nurturing gene, yes?

4. Many other wonderous and intriguing things. I'm sure.

Things have been pretty durned busy in the Williamses's household. Jared is poised to start his Fabulous New Job, so therefore we are about to become remarkably wealthy and I will take on airs. I have been working on a new record with Trocadero, despite an apparent bout with laryngitis (nice timing on that one, my friend.). The boy is about to turn 3, so Ridiculous Birthday Shenanigans are being planned. I have been busy at work and becoming masterful at CS3 (and have taken to playing around with Photoshop on my off hours. As such:

I call it: Introspection and Apocalypse.)

And I just mistakenly washed my already beaten up copy of Lost Horizon by James Hilton with my bed sheets. That's right. An entire book. In the washing machine.