Monday, April 23, 2007


Here are pictures from the rock show Saturday night:

(All photos shamelessly stolen from very sweet and loyal fans who I'm sure won't mind.)

It was a great time and huge thank yous to everybody who came out.


Friday, April 20, 2007

A reminder...

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Stand up. Vote

Or stay sitting, that works too.

Do yourself a favor and go to:

Sign up and vote for my friend, and fellow turkey eater.

Go to Web Site -> Weird (?) -> vote for The Museum Kitschy Stitches.

And then after you vote, go visit her web site. I always believe that one should be an informed voter, even if said informedness is a bit on the tardy side...

And then hell, go buy her book.

And then let me know if you need me to tell you other things to do. I'm full of great ideas. And bossiness, apparently.

Oh yes. Knitting.

Yeah, that's what I'm here for, yes?
There's more as it turns out.
But here's some knitting:

A scarf. Because I didn't have one. And it got cold.

I do not enjoy knitting scarves. So I knit this in a bulky alpaca on size 11s in a k2 p2 rib. It took 2 hours. 2 hours which could well have been spent finishing this:

A hooded cardigan for my boy, loosely based on my favorite top-down raglan pattern with some Elsebeth Lavold cable panels thrown in for good measure.

Oh and another sweater for me, of which there are no photos, so will try to remember to mention it again someday. With evidence.