Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Oh. Hello. You still here? Looming, with baited breath for a new appearance?

Things have been busy around these parts.

I found out several months ago that my current company would be closing the end of August. I have found a new, super totally fantastic position with one of our clients that I am ridiculously excited about, though won't start there until the end of September.

But in the meantime... end of August? Hello? How do you spell 10 days away? It turns out there is a lot of work to do to close a business after 10+ years. Holy hell.

So on the rare days when work hasn't been beating me down, I've been busy playing music, knitting and trying to enjoy the few days of summer left. And pining for a good set of power tools with which to demolish my kitchen and bathroom, but well, one step of crazy at a time, huh?