Monday, May 08, 2006

Ghosts of knitting past

(There were years of knitting before this blog.)

Here's my son's baby blanket.

I knit it for him over the first few months of his life, primarily while he slept on my chest, or while nursing him. Early on, I found that my need to multi-task was overwhelming, especially considering how much time I spent trapped in "Baby Jail". He would fall asleep in the super-handy baby carrier, and I discovered I could make pie dough, roll out crusts and bake several pies while he slept (it may have made my life a bit more simple had I just figured out how to take him out of it without waking him up). Or he would fall asleep on top of me, or while nursing, and I discovered that this was the optimal time to knit. And watch Passions.

So here's the result.

The addition of his name in reverse stockinette is to ensure his not losing this blanket in college.

And yes, despite what my husband thinks, I am SURE he will bring his baby blanket to college.

Blanket in action:
(sort of)

Yarn: Kertzer Butterfly Super 10
Patterns: My own Plus chart from this book


Anonymous diana said...

What an heirloom. While I do hope your boy brings his blanket to college with him, I don't want to think about the ways he might defile said heirloom there.

8:54 PM  
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