Monday, May 01, 2006

...and so it begins.

Hmm. Blogging. An ugly word, and one which I'd prefer not to use. Solely out of aesthetic, mind you. Obviously I am embracing whole-heartedly the concept of "public bulletin board"; my own rickety soap box upon which to stand and broadcast my opinions of the mundane; a veritable ego free-for-all to celebrate all things me; a portfolio of my various forays into the worlds of craft, domesticity, motherhood and rock and roll; a celebration of my over use of (and on occasion intentionally misplaced) "quotation marks".
So Hoo-Friggin-Ray for me, and for you who may have stumbled upon this wittingly or otherwise, I say this:


Anonymous Jared said...'re purty. :)

6:22 AM  

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